Buying spectacles from the USA

I've just tried buying specs from the States. I'd tried an on-line website in the U.K. but got really fed up with the way that the price escalated. Before I'd got to the end of the system the "two pairs for £39" (with a £30 voucher = £9) had sort of crept up to a total cost of £160 for the two, without any really special features. It wasn't the price that was so bad, it was the way that the the inevitable increases weren't mentioned until the check-out..

Anyhow, I'd lost my specs surfing. Stupidly, I didn't realise I was wearing them until a big wave was about to hit me. Then it was too late.

I had a new eye test. (Free at my age). The optician, as he is obliged to do, handed me the prescription details and kindly also measured my PD (distance between my eyes.) - which, in the U.K., they don't have to provide.

After that it was easy. I just went to the Perfect Glasses USA website and chose my frames. I wanted varifocals but soon realised that in the U.S. they're called "progressive".  I worried a little that the figures used in the States may be different (they still use feet and inches and gallons!) but needn't have worried. The numbers went straight from my prescription onto the website.

Paid by credit card and, a week later the new bins arrived. I just put them on and they fitted perfectly and just worked. Totally painless and trouble-free.

I think I'll get another pair.

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