Harry's Song

Harry's Song

Two Squared (Shaz & Bill)


Rocco said...

really touching Bill! Imagines join well with the sad song. I imagine, between the parts of your song, also some slow bagpipes and drums. It should sound nice, I guess.
P.S. what does it mean "grumpy old git's gap trip"?
unable to translate

PFC Benjamin Kaplow said...

Soulful melody and tender lyrics - so appropriate for any soldier off to war. A great extension of Harry's blog and book. Congratulations


Martin Collar said...

Sad and soulful, Bill, but as the grumpy old git's gap year finished with him still intact (and cooking!) perhaps there should be a follow up with some cheerful overtones! It is beautifully sung and performed, however. Well done on the blog, a superb piece of hard work, which I have told my friends to read. Best wishes,

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